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  • Gardening Tip

    June – August is the rainy season in North Central Florida.  Warm temperatures and high relative humidity makes summer the ideal time for planting palms and tropical plants. Always use caution when transporting and handling your palm not to snap the heart. Tie up the fronds and terminal bud with twine to protect from damage. When planting make sure not to bury the root ball too deep and always keep mulch 4″ away from the trunk.




About Us

Marylou Baiata owner an founder of Nature Scapes started her company in 1984 with a love and passion for organic gardening, healthy living and nature. Her son Chris Baiata environmental horticulturalist and landscape designer joined the team after graduating with honors from California Polytechnic State University in 2005.

Nature Scapes provides an all-in-one service allowing a seamless experience to meet the needs of our clients. We specialize in custom landscape design and installation, plant nursery and full service florist. We also specialize in Florida native plants, coastal and salt tolerant plants, edible landscapes, large specimen palms and large trees. From the design, to the installation, to the maintenance, Nature Scapes is committed to beautifying and preserving North Central Florida with exceptional landscapes.

Our professional horticulturists and landscape designers offer free on-site estimates so contact us today! We can be reached by phone at: 386-437-2045 or email  us with your questions.